Sales Force

Simit Dental distributes its products through more than 300 dental-depots, situated throughout Italy.

The company management has specific experience in various dental sectors. The management plans the marketing strategies in collaboration with the partner companies, coordinate the sales force and supervise the relations with universities and opinion leaders.

The sales force is present throughout the country and is organized in three different kinds of professionals, who manage the relations with the dental-depots and the end user: area managers, promoters and implant division.

Located in the North and in the South of Italy; they are responsible for managing sales at the dental-depots and coordinating the activities of the Line Specialists. They collaborate in maintaining relations with opinion leaders and universities.

The line specialists have direct contact with the end users and demonstrate the use of each products; they also follow up the after sales problems. In collaboration with the area manager, the promoter holds training courses for the salesmen at the dental-depot.

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