Marketing Strategies

Contact with dentist
In order to increase knowledge about the products which distributes, Simit-Dental has developed a series of specific tools which are intended to maintain a direct contact with the customer.

Agenda Simit 

The house organ, 'Agenda Simit', is published each semester in 35,000 copies and sent to all the dental offices. This publication presents in advance all new products and includes special offers.

A special coupon allows the dentist to ask Simit for additional sales material, technical specifications, or for a visit of a promoter. The dentist can also use it to place an order from a designated dental-depot.

Trade Shows & Conference
Additional activities organized by Simit-Dental include booths at the most important trade shows and specialist conferences of national relevance and the organization of visits to production sites of partner companies. 

Technical assistance 
Simit Service assures a complete technical assistance for the equipment which is distributed by Simit-Dental and it is guaranteed by a technical staff trained by the mother company. The service includes repairs made to equipment either under warranty or not, the supply of spare parts, training and assistance for technical staff at the dental-depot and phone consulting for customers.

Logistics and warehousing

Simit has organized a specific computer-based management system for products. This system guarantees the fulfillment of the order within 24 hours after the reception.

Product Manager
Simit, in order to improve the services for its customers, has created a Marketing structure with 5 Product Managers that develop the following activities in cooperation with our suppliers:
• Brochures, depliants and editorial texts
• Promotional planning
• New product launch planning
• Budget control
• Events organization

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